Going 10 Rounds With Top Bartender Megan Abraham

Virgin Hotels San Francisco

What do you like to drink after a shift? “These days Chareau on the rocks. The brand gave me a few bottles after we made a commercial together for National Prosecco Day. On a whim, I added a few of my favorite things from my home bar; the result, the Genesis, ended up on the Commons Club menu!” 

What is the all-time best dive bar jukebox song? “The short answer is Salt-N-Pepa’s “Shoop.” The long answer is “Purple Rain.” I started bartending in upstate New York to pay my rent at a little neighborhood watering hole on the side of the interstate called the Gathering Lounge. Jäger Bomb Steve would come in and play “Purple Rain” about four or five times at the end of every night. He would cry and drink Jäger Bombs while I cleaned and savored one quarter’s worth of peanut M & M’s. There was something sort of sweet and profound about the sincerity of his heartbreak. At Egbert Souse’s in Oakland my favorite jukebox song was “Step to the Name of Love” because it got the whole room bouncing, bobbing and happy. I like songs that are tied to memories.”

After all these years bartending and creating drinks, do you still enjoy going out to bars? “My recent version of ‘going out’ involves multiple Michelin stars: seeing and tasting what my peers are working on. I’m more interested in quiet time with familiar faces as opposed to when I started bartending when it was more about seeing and being seen. I also love spending time at home working on my garden and decorating. I find that to be more fulfilling than going out.”

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