About CashBacksNow

CASHBACKSNOW.COM is a robust platform to make real time money from the TELECOMMUNICATION Industry while you SLEEP. The World is now a GLOBAL Village where distance is no more a barrier to communicate with anybody all over the World.

Everyday of our life brings new innovations and opportunities through the use of the internet to achieve our daily activities. This Platform provides an avenue for anyone in Nigeria to buy airtime VTU, buy internet data, pay cable subscriptions, and pay electricity bill and other daily services that you pay for every day and at the same time have a CASHBACKS per seconds rate.

Our Company

CASHBACKSNOW is Powered by BOAPET DIGITAL(BN Number 3024095), CASHBACKSNOW has created an easy and very lucrative way to make communication, success and wealth achievable by ALL. We are sure and certain that you will enjoy and benefit from our unique products and our incomparable COMPENSATION PLAN